I am a results-oriented, structured and positive person who provide public speaking about the challenge of everyday life living with a Rare Diseases and the importance of communication. I also provide workshops, change management and project management for Public Administrations and private business.

I am the owner and founder of Vevle Consulting, a firm that works for an increased awareness, developing communication and understanding of the complicated and complex world that it means to live with a Rare Disease.

At a professional level I have a long experience of change management and project management in Public Administration.

At a personal level I have nearly 18 years of experience of living with a Rare Disease as a parent to a Unique child diagnosed with Prader Willi Syndrom (p-ter-q11.1) and also HDR Syndrome due to an unbalanced translocation on chromosome 10 (p-ter-p14).

By combining the professional- and personal level I can provide a Rare & Unique knowledge which contributes to a more professional environment in the field of Rare Diseases.